I am a Freelance Artist, who picked up a pen when he was a small child and never let go. I work in a world of round monsters and strange creatures. My inspirations are Maurice Sendak, Mercer Mayer and Dr. Seuss. I am available for commission work and collaboration on any project you might have.

When I am not drowning in paint and pencil, I like to podcast with my partners in crime, The Geek Savants. If you like scumdillery and geektasmic weirdness check us out weekly or subscribe to us on iTunes.

If you like ugliness and want some in your life please contact me.

New Junk from the blug...

“Biscuit Grabber” Shirt Available now!

“I’m The One Who Said, Just Grab ‘Em In The Biscuits!

Here is an interesting story… When I worked at Kinkos in the late 90′s, Shock-G came in and wanted us to make a copy of his phone book, in case he lost it. I was the guy making the copies that day and I may have made myself a copy, for the sake of the story, lets say I made a copy. This book was like an explosion of hip hop and music goodness, phone numbers for such legends as Tupac, George Clinton, Ice Cube, Too SHort, and so many more.. As I moved around I misplaced that book, I wish I still had it.

Digital Underground is one of the great hip hop acts and Sex Packets is one of the great albums, with “Doowhutchyalike”, “Packet Man”, Freaks of the Industry” and a little ditty called “The Humpty Dance”. This song introduced the world to Shock-G’s alter ego, Humpty Hump and immediately everyone started getting busy in Burger King bathrooms. So I pay homage to this classic song with a Super Ugly X Full Court Press Collaboration.

Available in Mens and Womens sizes

Here’s your chance to do the HUMP!
Being described as the “best karaoke shirt ever”, this is an American Apparel Tri Blend in Athletic Grey.
Available in XS- XXL in Mens

S-XL in Womens



Play That same Song! Shirt has arrived!

Play that same song!!
Show your undying love for the Flock if Seagulls of Tattooine.
100% Cotton Tee.
Machine wash, Tumble Dry

Available in Black and Gray.. Find it in the UGLY store! http://superugly.bigcartel.com



Check Please! has come for your kick starting!

Check Please!

Just click the picture to be taken to the Kickstarter page

I just launched the Kickstarter for Check Please! A Collection of Art on Guest Checks. It is a 9×9, Full Color, 80 page, Hardcover Artbook, with over 50 artists and 150 checks. Artists involved with this project are N8 VanDyke, Matt136, Skinner, Dave Correia, Cody Schibi, Emonic, C.B. Canga, Ken Davis, Super Ugly, Dave Dwonch, JoeMur, Robert Bowen, Brian Canio, Cody Vrosh and so many more. Please support this amazing project buy funding one of our great rewards, you could even end up with original art. Even the smallest support helps, just by sharing this post, or telling a friend, you could help us reach just the right audience. Thank you so much for your help! Lets Kickstart this thing to the moon. You guys are the best. #art #kickstarter #guestchecks #artbook



Here you can find all of my illustrations, paintings, graphic work and even music. This world is populated by little fat faced men and bean shaped monsters, I find influence in the strange and absurd. I am self taught and do work for pay and work for play. If you want to commission me to paint or draw anything feel free to contact me, or check out my store


Since I have so many voices in my head, I also make beautiful music while abusing hip hop. Down below is songs by my group,Unified School District Click that link to find us on ITunes. We have 3 albums on Itunes, all really good in my opinion…So, please wander off below and listen to some music i made for you…and enjoy.